Len Zon: Cancer researcher, shofar player and Star Trek enthusiast

Len Zon, MD, is known world-wide as the director of the Stem Cell Research Program at Children’s Hospital Boston. His use of zebrafish models for research into hematopoiesis and as screens for oncogenic genes and proteins has been featured in forums ranging from The Scientist to Jay Leno’s Tonight Show monologue. But what’s Zon’s life like outside of the zebrafish lab? Find out on “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers”—the Emmy-nominated web video series from the makers of one of the most acclaimed television science series ever, PBS’s NOVA. See another side of Zon, as he talks about his skills on the shofar—a musical instrument carved from a ram’s horn, growing up as a budding biologist with a rocket scientist father, and his affection for Star Trek’s ‘Bones’ McCoy.