Vector’s upcoming coverage of BioPharm 2011

Vector and Children’s Hospital Boston’s Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) at will be enthusiastic participants in next week’s BioPharm America conference (Sept 7-9).  In between networking with industry colleagues and pitching technologies developed at Children’s, we’ll be providing blog coverage and live-tweeting from the sessions under the hashtag #BPA11.

Since BioPharm is in Boston this year, we’re also heavily involved as presenters. Bruce Zetter of Children’s Vascular Biology program will speak about cancer biomarkers on a Wednesday panel titled Lessons Learned in Personalized Medicine in Oncology. Leonard Zon, director of Children’s Stem Cell Program, will describe the development of stem-cell-boosting drugs as part of a Friday panel titled Stem Cells and Drug Discovery: Confronting the Translational Imperative.

And Erik Halvorsen, director of Children’s TIDO, is a panelist in Wednesday’s session titled: Pharma’s Interest in Collaborating Early: Flavor of the Month or Viable Business Model?

Halvorsen elaborates on this theme in an interview for the online life sciences journal Partnering News. About four years ago, he morphed Children’s Intellectual Property Office into TIDO, broadening his team’s focus from solely patenting and licensing to actively fostering and advancing innovation within the hospital, awarding grants to further the most promising projects and outsourcing preclinical work as compound analoguing, pharmacokinetic assays and device prototyping.

At the same time, he’s forged several collaborations with industry, structured to ensure two-way communication between the parties.

As Halvorsen puts it in Partnering News (Read the full article here):

“It is critically important that industry/academic partnerships continue to form and evolve. Big pharma must maintain its research and development activities, and its capacity to innovate. Academic medical centers need committed partners with product development capabilities through regulatory approval and distribution.

“Industry and academia must get away from the old way of doing things, take risks and support new possibilities for collaboration—our patients deserve it.”

That’s what BioPharm 2011 seems to be all about – getting away from the old way of doing things.  Stay tuned for our reports on Vector and @science4care.