New app streamlines and improves emergency care

It may seem like just a smartphone application, but BEAPPER, a real-time alert and communication platform, has been making waves in the Emergency Department (ED) at Boston Children’s Hospital, which sees an average of 150 patients per day.

The app sends Twitter-like alerts when beds become available, when orders have been placed and when lab results are back, reducing waiting time for families. Physicians working together can view each others’ profiles, and can quickly check on their patients’ status without having to sit down at a computer and log in.

Since piloting the system several months ago, Debra Weiner, MD, PhD, says it has improved efficiency and safety in the ED. She is already applying for another grant from the Boston Children’s Technology Development Fund to launch the next phase of development. Programming help was provided by Children’s Innovation Acceleration Program via its FastTrack Innovation in Technology Award.

In an earlier Vector post about BEAPPER, our Chief Innovation Officer Naomi Fried, PhD, said, “The ease of use and friendly graphic interface are big wins for this project.” In this video, Weiner explains how the app has improved the quality of care for her patients.

“If we could save even just five minutes per patient, this ED could see an additional 1,400 patients per year without additional physical or human resources,” she says.