Author: Carol Cruzan Morton

Nobel secrets revealed (some of them, anyway)

Now that all three 2010 Nobel Prizes in the natural sciences have been awarded, speculation can turn to the bigger question: What does it really take to win a Nobel?

History attests to many Prize-worthy candidates who have been passed over and others who have passed away (a Nobel is no longer given posthumously).

Swedish virologist Erling Norrby has the ultimate inside scoop, which he explores in a new book.

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Recovery Act funding boosts science, jobs—but what’s next?

Last week marked the beginning of the end of the biggest boost in federal research funding in U.S. history. September 30 was the deadline for the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies to commit the last stimulus dollars for science allotted by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The looming drop in funding now has researchers and organizations wondering how to keep people in their labs employed and their projects going.

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Innovation: Getting un-stuck

Mark Rockoff first sketched the Start Cart while flying home from a conference.

All Mark Rockoff, MD, wanted was an operating room cart that could safely transport and discard the needles and tubes he inserted before surgery.

“Ever since I was a resident, there has been this inefficient system in every operating room for putting catheters into patients,” says Rockoff, Associate Anesthesiologist-in-Chief at Children’s Hospital Boston.

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