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Another training: “Difficult” patients

More than half of my work as a gastroenterologist at Children’s involves critical skills I never learned in medical school, residency or even fellowship. I enjoy using these skills and have been lucky to have some gifted mentors. But having these skills shouldn’t be dependent upon luck.

I am talking about bedside manner generally, but more particularly, about communication in the context of strong emotions.

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Better anger management through video games

I’m playing Space Invaders on a laptop in front of a group of psychiatrists and social workers, and frankly feeling pretty nervous. My finger is attached to a pulse oximeter, which measures my heart rate. As I struggle with the arrow keys to hit the incoming targets, I notice I’m shooting blanks. I take a deep breath to try to calm down.  My heart rate drops, and once again I’m firing real missiles, scoring hits.

This same game, adapted from the old 1978 Space Invaders, is being tested in young psychiatry patients here

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