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Licensing: It’s not just the money

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An article popped up in my Google alerts that gave me some excitement.  A survey from the Association of University Technology Managers, reported in Mass High Tech, placed Children’s Hospital Boston fifth in licensing income among all U.S. hospitals. We were ranked just below the Mayo Clinic, which has more than double the research funding of Children’s. Massachusetts General Hospital was second on the list and Brigham and Women’s was eighth.*

I don’t often get to see quick financial results from my work (I’m the marketing and communications specialist in Children’s Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO), which licenses the Hospital’s technologies). But what I do get to see regularly is just as important to our mission: small advances that barely impact the hospital’s bottom line but have a large significance to our patients.

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Thinking outside the box in diabetes

Diabetes prevalence and mean particulate (PM2.5) concentration, Southeast U.S., 2005.

Two heads are better than one in solving a problem. And sometimes it’s better to skip over the usual suspects. Crowdsourcing, or contracting out problems to large groups, can often provide fresh leads on intractable problems – especially when those problems are pressing.

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Recovery Act funding boosts science, jobs—but what’s next?

Last week marked the beginning of the end of the biggest boost in federal research funding in U.S. history. September 30 was the deadline for the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies to commit the last stimulus dollars for science allotted by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The looming drop in funding now has researchers and organizations wondering how to keep people in their labs employed and their projects going.

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