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Saving Grace: A whodunit solved with clues from the Middle East

Microcephaly causes small head size, seizures, developmental delays and intellectual disabilities. Did the Lennons’ unborn child have it?

Addison Lennon met all her early milestones: she sat up on time, crawled on time and walked on time.  At about 4 months, however, she had a seizure, and her parents started to worry. By 9 months, her head appeared small for her age.

Her neurologist reassured the family that Addison could still be within the lowest 5 percent of the normal range. “We were thinking she was typical,” says Kari Lennon, “she would be in that 5 percent.”

At 15 months, however, Addison had another seizure that was a lot more severe.  She had been tested for everything.  No one could pinpoint the cause of her so-called microcephaly, or small head.

Kari spent countless hours online in search of answers.  “How I could fix Addie? How could I make her better?” (Read on, or watch this video:)

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