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New valves for babies that can grow with them

In children with severe mitral valve defects, sometimes valve replacement is the only option. Expandable mitral valves that can be enlarged as a child grows could make caring for such children less complex and invasive.

The human heart is kind of like a busy factory with two powerful pumps—the ventricles—and two “unloading docks,” called the atria. Together, these chambers maintain a delicate balance, ensuring that oxygen-rich blood moves out into the body and that oxygen-poor blood gets pushed back to the heart and lungs.

Just like any factory, however, the heart’s essential functions can be seriously disrupted if just one piece of machinery isn’t working properly.

The mitral valve is a key part of that mechanical balance. This one-way valve helps move blood from the left atrium into the left ventricle, which then pushes the blood out to the body. A failure of the valve can be life-threatening, but fixing or replacing it in children is incredibly complex—and often requires many repeat operations over time.

But two cardiac surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital, Sitaram Emani, MD, and Pedro del Nido, MD, may have made the repair a little easier by developing a replacement mitral valve that can expand as a child grows.

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